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The Suicide Bout..

14 Jun

A bout can destroy the weak creatures..

the shiver’s moment..
when you can’t control your self
when the confusing cannot be ended
when you be your own worst enemy

hard heartbeat, hard moving
you can’t understand why do we live?!
or in another spelling
Why Do I LIVE?!

I can’t live without u!
I can’t use my self!
I can’t see anything!
I failed in mathematics
I broke with him
I lost my money
I can’t success at anything


when you lose something
when you can’t deal with your life
then, it’s suicide bout’s turn, to take a place in your life!

many people have been victims for this bout
and others are not

Why do ya think?

why do you think some people are able to get suicide more than others?
or in another way, what do you think is the Gauge of suicide ability for humanity ?

is it religious matter ?
or confidence’s matter?
or it’s about the amount of the suffering he lives?