Age it a problem?

11 Jun

“What’s Up Fox?”

  a korean drama I watched it and I liked it in a special way..
it’s about 2 gurls who have one of  love tragedies what’s called “Age Difference”…

“Byung Hee” 33 years old, find her self in love with “Chul Su” (24 years old)
When all people reject them love cuz she’s older 9 years!

“Joon Hee” 24 years love “Byung Gak” who is in 40s
when all people reject them love cuz he’s older more than 20 year!

“Hello My Teacher”


.. korean drama about student fall in love with a could he ?  xD
she waited for him till the graduation, then he became a teacher too =D
that’s what I call love xD

The matter..

Does age difference a real problem?
there are many people who refuse this kind of love, specialy when the gurl is the oldest

I hate this way of thinking’
cuz I think that marriage is about love and understanding, not about the age!

am I wrong?

2 Responses to “Age it a problem?”

  1. C O O S A July 23, 2010 at 11:18 PM #

    لا أبداً

    أبداً مش خطأ

    ولا عيب . الحب أبداً مايعرف السن

    إن كان كبير أو صغير

    me n U r in the same box for that . . }

  2. deefo July 24, 2010 at 8:17 AM #

    yeah xD

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